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New blog address!

Mon, 12/03/2012 - 12:00AM by FitSwissChick 0 Comments -

Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by again!!
I switched my blog address. All of my new posts can be found on http://swissfitchick.wordpress.com/

Check it out! 
I hope to see you there!! 



Thankful Thursday #5

Thu, 11/29/2012 - 9:56AM by FitSwissChick 0 Comments -

Good morning! Today's already Thankful Thursday #5!! Thanks to Jessie  - thank you so much for hosting!!

Today are 2 things I want to write down which I am thankful for.
First one is - I am thankful for last night! Even though I am SO tired this week and kind of sluggish, I had a great night out with my friend Tina. We studied together at the school for social work and also absolved the bachelor thesis together. I love hanging out with her, we've got so much in common and it's always fun! This time we went to a ballett show, which was really cool. It was very modern, but I liked it a lot!
So, I was very thankful we had a yummy dinner before the show began - big salad bowl with all kind of veggies, tuna and beef.
Beautiful TinaI am thankful that we had perfect seats!! We sat on the balcony with a lot of space for our legs, nobody in front of us and very comfortable seats. 
I am thankful that we pre-ordered Prosecco so it was all ready when we came out at the break!!

I am thankful I got to see that great show! Fantastic dancers dancing in red high heels.....

.....more fantastic dancers with no shirt.....(!!:-))

great show!!

When I came home I wanted to curl up right into bed, but I stayed up a little bit and prepared my meals for today. I am on a good track currently and do not want to ruin it with take away fast food. I did easy and quick stuff done in 15 minutes! Breakfast: grated apple with protein powder, chia seeds and 1/2 avocado. Lunch: roasted greens with 1 egg, 2 eggwhites, 1/2 avocado.

I am thankful that I went for a swim this morning, it was SO good and now I feel fresh and clean!!

I am thankful that this week is almost over! It has been quite rough. Nothing really happened, I just felt a bit dull and shaky. Probably it was because of the weather, it's really just raining since 4 days in a row now and it's SO dark all the time. I had a lot on my plan which exhausts me especially when it's cold and the only thing I want is to be home and warm. Normally I go out only about 2 times a week, but this week everything came at the same time. All these events were fantastic and still will be fun, but I am just so useless when I do not get enough sleep. Tonight I'll go out with a bunch of girls again, which I am very much looking forward too, but I will be happy too when it's weekend soon.
I also wasn't feeling too well physically, I had stomach woes and - even though I lost weight - I felt too big. It was a week when I break out in tears just because I drop something on the floor or because I can not find my phone for 5 minutes. But I know that such days are part of my life and that they will go over. I managed it well this week and kept faith that the world will not end because of my sluggish feeling :-)

Especially in such times I am SO thankful to have Sandro on my side. He is so amazing.
Fact is, that I am a great communicater. I can talk to anyone I am not shy and I mostly know in every situation what to say. BUT. There's a big BUT. When I have bad days - ED thoughts, self-doubts, bad mood, sadness, whatever - I back out totally from everyone especially privately. I am always the same in my job - professional, smiling, neat. But I don't talk to ANYONE about what's really going on. Sandro realizes immediately when something is wrong, but I don't talk to him. I turn completely to my inside and fight it all alone. I do talk when it's over - with Sandro, Mum, friends - but I did never ever call anyone in the moment I was actually IN it. I just can't. And so far it worked for me. Sure, I feel lonely and I AM lonely in these moments, but I think it's just what I want to be then.
When my dad got seriously sick from cancer the first time, I was only 12 years old. I never ever talked to anyone about my fear to lose him. About my anxiety to seeing him suffering. I went on as usual, I did not want to face it. I went to school, did my homework, played with friends - just like nothing happened. I did not want to make even more trouble as I knew this was a heavy burden for my parents. And I just did not want to speak out those words like 'cancer' or 'death' - I was terrified, that it would get real when I'd say it out loud This was the first time I had to deal with destiniy and fears and it was just the way I wanted it to handle: on my own. Today it's maybe more the reason that I do not want to bother anyone with my worries. But it's definitely also the reason that I have the urge to be on my own and to deal with it alone. It just works for me. For Sandro this is difficult. He is a very caring (can you say that?) person and he would do anything for me to feel better. But I would not let him. Meanwhile he can accept that I want to be left alone and coping with it on my own. Eventually, I will come out of my cave and will talk. I think we can handle that meanwhile pretty well, but it was hard. This detachement I sent out was not easy to cope with for Sandro. I was able to explain him my thoughts and anxieties though when I was not confronted by them and in a 'clean' state, so he knew what's going on.
I am just so thankful that he is able to deal with all of that and still loves me. This is the most wonderful gift in the world.

Yesterday he sent me an email full of pictures of the places in the U.S. we will get to see on our holiday in June!! Sweet!!

Have a great Thursday!!!

What are you thankful for today?
Is it easy for you to talk about yourself and your emotions?



I am singing in the rain......

Wed, 11/28/2012 - 8:00AM by FitSwissChick 0 Comments -

It's raining, it's raining....oh well, I think I have to get used to this dark and wet view outside for the next couple of days. When it's weather like this I totally just want to be at home, curl up on the couch, knitting, watching nonsense on TV, drinking tea, eating soup and imagining how nice it 'd be if I had the money and could stay at the fanciest Spa-hotel for days and get pampered every day. Wuahahaha.
BUT this is not the case, so I'll just have to get the best out of it!

Like  - eating chocolate. Yesssss, come here babe, I want you!!!

Yesterday I had another cosy evening with my best friend at my place. We do that sometimes on a Tuesday: Meeting at my place around 6:30 pm, one brings greens, the other brings protein (and chocolate). We cook, we eat, we chat and then we shut up and watch nonsense on TV. I just love to have a friend around, it doesn't need to be an exciting event, it's just so nice to sit together and enjoying the little joys in life. We always prepare so yummy salads!!! Like this one here - dairy free greek salad: Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, hard boiled egg, vegan tofu burger, Walden Farms caloriefree Thousand Island Dressing:

But yesterday we did not shut up. We watched our fave soap, but then we chatted - about so many funny and silly things that I just couldn't stop laughing. We've known each other now since 29 years (we met in kindergarden :-)) and many times we have this non-verbal communication which I love so much between good friends. A glance - and you know what the other one is thinking. And sometimes we just have those silly moments and get the giggles - I really think sometimes I have to die. My abs are sore today, believe me! 

US!! :-) 

When it's rainy, dark and cold I love my workouts in the pool - especially when it's free from other swimmers!!

Followed by steambath and sauna. Awwyeah! Rainy days aren't too bad, right??

Still, I went for a run this morning. I did not run since the race last Saturday, I switched to the spinning bike or elliptical. But this morning, despite the rain and darkness, I wanted to get my booty out there, doing some sprints, tabata and clearing my head with fresh air. It was good and even better when it was over!
:-) Some weightlifting will be happening later on, need to prepare for my January bootcamp with Shannon.

This is how my postworkout-on-the-go-breakfast-fuels look like! Here's an eggomelett buried by a huge amount of spinach and a pear (which I ruined my shirt with - juice dropped down while eating it - I am so lame).

I got an Advent calendar from my Mom!! When I was a kid I used to get on with a little wrapped gift every day that was SO cool. She really did it so nice, it always looked so beautiful, all the little presents decorated with blingbling and stars. Today it's just a little one with picures, but I still love it!!

I definitely need to get my christmas decoration stuff out of the cellar and create some holiday atmosphere at home!

Here's another and - promised - the last picture of our party the other week. I can't put it the right way though, don't ask me why, Possibly because we are just too weird and make the system totally confused. By the way, I had no idea I had such an immensely giant mouth.....I mean seriously??!! I'm scared....

What do you like to do on rainy days? 
Do you know these situations with best friends? 
How do you manage it to stay healthy when you are busy on the go?


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